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Indonesia parliament bets square off in april

Indonesia parliament bets square off in april
March 25 2014, 08:10

Some 187 million registered voters in Indonesia are expected to go to the polls in April to elect their legislative representatives.

At stake are more than 20,000 seats in People’s Representative Council (560), Regional Representative Council (132), Province (2,137) and  Regency (17,560).

A total of 46 parties have registered with the KPU, the country’s election commission. However, as of this writing, only 15 parties have passed the requirements set by the Commission, which observers have noted to be more stringent than in previous elections. The disqualified political groups are appealing the decision and are still hoping to field their bets in the polls.

Political observers are calling the April elections pivotal, as the results will have a profound effect on the presidential election in July.  The country requires that a presidential ticket must be supported by a party or a coalition of parties winning at least 20% of vote in the legislative election.

The 4th most populous country in the world is currently headed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhovono.