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Electoral marathon gets underway in India

Electoral marathon gets underway in India
April 08 2014, 02:54

Yesterday, April 7, India began the largest elections ever held.

On this first day of voting, 7.5 million eligible voters headed to the polls in six voting districts of two states  – five in Assam and one in Tripura.

An initial 73 – 83 % turnout has been reported. That is a great start when compared to the 65% election commission officials are anticipating for the entire election.

Over the coming weeks more than half a billion people are expected to visit 930,000 polling stations.

From the total Indian population, estimated at 1,236,344,631 there are some 814,500,000 registered voters.

Due to security and logistic reasons, the election will span for more than a month. Votes will be counted on May 16 using their automated system.

The election may cost the government of India Rs. 3,500 crores (US$82 million).


“Image courtesy of smarnad, / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.