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Bill seeks to introduce electronic voting in Uruguay

Bill seeks to introduce electronic voting in Uruguay
May 16 2014, 18:25

Provincial representatives José Allende and Pablo Mendoza drafted a bill that seeks to introduce electronic voting in the house of representatives through the incorporation of informative tools.

Election Universe UruguayPablo Mendoza, the First Vice President of the House of Representatives, explained to RADIO FRANCA how the idea came about. “Nowadays, the rules of the House of Representatives make it very difficult to count the votes quickly. Additionally, with the technological tools we have available today, we want to bring transparency to our society regarding who has voted for or against a measure, which is something that currently does not exist unless there is a show of hands.”He also noted that the votes against a measure are not recorded unless a lawmaker specifically requests it prior to the voting. Otherwise, they only record the number of votes that were in favor of the measure.

According to Mendoza’s report, the project is now in front of the committees; in the previous session, the bill was passed to parliament and now they are waiting for the next committee to convene so the work can begin.