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Namibia to adopt electronic voting

Namibia to adopt electronic voting
June 30 2014, 06:45

Namibian authorities are considering implementing electronic voting for the country’s presidential and National Assembly elections to be held later this year.

To contribute to a successful adoption process, researchers at Namibia’s Biometric Research Laboratory (BRL) have published an article with the criteria they deem necessary to efficiently select the most appropriate electronic voting system.

Namibia to adopt electronic voting

According to the BRL researchers, the first step to implement electronic voting is outlining a methodical decision process which will vary depending on the needs and characteristics of each country’s specific electoral process. In spite the differences, a few general principles apply to nearly every situation.

Some of the recommended general principles include:

1. An open consultation with all interested parties regarding the country’s specific electoral process.
2. Independent and comprehensive assessment on the technologies available in the marketplace.
3. The e-voting technology should be evaluated based on objectives that are clearly outlined for the proper implementation of the technology.

Researchers also caution that the decision to use electronic voting should be based on the problems identified in the current voting system and an assessment of the technical feasibility of solving these problems with technology.

Other important considerations include defining the expected benefits and potential risks of electronic voting. The financial viability of such a system and the expectations of the stakeholders should also be taken into consideration before a final decision is made.

The BRL researchers recommend using biometric-based solutions to authenticate voters as another stage of elections in which technology can improve electoral administration.

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