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Romero Hicks: Mexican electronic voting will be ready in 2018

Romero Hicks: Mexican electronic voting will be ready in 2018
June 19 2014, 14:27

While on a trip to Chicago, senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks made some interesting declarations about the possibility of voting for Mexicans living abroad: “In 2018, Mexicans living abroad will be able to choose their president from a computer, a consulate or by mail.”

He also indicated that the electoral reform that was recently approved by Congress would also apply to electing governors and senators. With regard to electronic voting, he indicated that they have included a provisional article for the National Electoral Institute (INE) to verify the security and identity of voters during the election process to guarantee the reliability of the vote.

Romero Hicks, who is affiliated with the National Action Party (PAN) in addition to being a proponent of electronic voting, recognized that there exists a “lack of confidence and sensitivity in the Federal Executive as well as Congress” in Mexico that has resisted recognizing that those who live abroad have not stopped being Mexicans.

“Now we want to modernize and reach the level of other world democracies,” he stated. He also said that they issued a provision to guarantee the legality and transparency of the electoral process in the 2018 elections.

“Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

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