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Electronic voting as a teaching tool

Electronic voting as a teaching tool
September 26 2014, 16:07

England’s University College London (EUC) is bringing e-voting to the classroom. The system to be implemented is very easy to use. Teachers will ask simple choice question that students answer anonymously by pressing the buttons on a phone. Results can be displayed using bar graphs on a screen.

Authorities from the EUC are expecting teachers to use the information gathered to help develop the topics for the classes, encourage students to think critically and foster interaction with their professors.

The system can be adapted and used in conjunction with PowerPoint and other programs on a PC or Mac.

The introduction of new technologies such as e-voting brings new life into university teaching, turning the classroom into an interactive and critical space that contributes to the breadth of evaluation and decision-making.

Source: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/teaching-learning/teaching_tools/voting-systems