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Romanian presidential elections set in November

Romanian presidential elections set in November
September 02 2014, 13:56

 The Republic of Romania is scheduled to hold the first round of its presidential elections this November.

The country uses a two-round presidential elections model, the first of such round is slated to be held on November 2.  In case a candidate obtains more than 50% of the votes in this first round of voting, he or she is automatically proclaimed winner.

Yet if none of the candidates manages to do so, then a run-off will held between on November 16  between the top two  contenders in the first round. The candidate who gets any majority of votes in the run-off is declared the new president to serve a term of five years.

The country’s last presidential elections were in 2009 where President Traian Băsescu was sworn in for his second term on 21 December 2009.  After having served two consecutive terms, he is now constitutionally barred from seeking a third term.

This year’s elections have attracted the most number of aspirants in recent years, with 12 official candidates as of August.

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