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Uruguay learns about electronic voting

Uruguay learns about electronic voting
October 31 2014, 18:31

German Cardoso, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Uruguay and a representative of the city of Maldonado, recently visited the Spanish Congress to learn about electronic voting.

It is important to point out that the Uruguayan parliament is the only one in South America that has not yet implemented this voting system. Parliamentary elections are still carried out using the “freehand” mechanism. It is expected that the adoption of e-voting will update electoral processes at the Uruguayan parliament making them more transparent, also would allow recording of all information broadcast by parliamentarians. In this way, people may access this information easily thereby getting to know more clearly about what representatives decide.

It is also important to note that during last September, a delegation of three Spanish deputies and two technicians visited Uruguay in order to advise on electronic voting.

Uruguay, with the help of the Spanish government, already has the proper software necessary to implement this new voting system and it is estimated that for next f December, electronic voting will be a reality for the 99 members of the Chamber of Deputies. The system will be considered as a legacy of parliamentary Cardoso, for the next governance.

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