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VI Ibero-American Conference of Electoral Justice: The role of justice as electoral endorsement

VI Ibero-American Conference of Electoral Justice: The role of justice as electoral endorsement
October 30 2014, 18:18

The VI Ibero -American Conference for Electoral Justice entitled: “The role of Electoral Justice as a guarantee of democratic probity”, was held this year in Cancun, Mexico on the 27th, 28th and 29th of August. The conference was organized by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), The Electoral Court of the Ministry of justice of Mexico and the Institute of Juridical Research from the UNAM.

IDEA represents an institutional space to share outstanding experiences about contemporary democracy.

The sixth conference was attended by election judges from more than twenty countries of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as federal and local election judges from Mexico. In the event a proposal for the development of solid indicators for continuous evaluation of juridical and electoral ethic, based on essential principles ruling court frameworks was presented.

The aim was to strengthen political and electoral rights, legality and democracy all around South America and the Caribbean countries. The event highlighted the importance of electoral justice to achieve elections with undoubted probity in order to guarantee the quality of democracy.

The methodology focus on the contribution of the electoral court in many aspects such us protection of political rights of the more vulnerable people, transparency in electoral processes and outcomes, gender equality, strengthening of juridical work in electoral processes and especially to assure transparency as a fundamental legal principle.

The main purpose of this event was to continue the work began in 2009 by emphasizing the importance of transparency and electoral juridical ethic on the uprightness of electoral processes in all South American and Caribbean countries.

The VII Conference will be held in 2015 in Lima, Peru, with support from the National Election’ Jury of this country. The next event, scheduled for 2016 will take place in Brazil. Thereby ensuring a strong impetus to this instance of participation whose Technical Secretariat is in charge of the international IDEA Regional Program for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Source: http://www.idea.int/americas/el-papel-de-la-justicia-electoral-como-garante-de-la-integridad-democratica.cfm