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The UNDP for more inclusive elections in Latin America and the Caribbean

The UNDP for more inclusive elections in Latin America and the Caribbean
February 10 2015, 19:37

The UNDP has launched the Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support (GPECS), a program to sensitize and train indigenous communicators and journalists in electoral cycle dynamics and on new information technologies so that participants can share their knowledge within their own indigenous communities.

GPECS, is a three-year global initiative to help developing countries improve their electoral processes. The GPECS seeks to integrate electoral assistance into a wider framework of democratic governance. It was created by the theĀ United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The program is made possible through a contribution from the Government of Spain, as well as the support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

GPECS has facilitated a first network for electoral communication for indigenous people in Latin America and the Caribbean. And a programmatic declaration was signed at Quito (November, 2011) where participants from different countries and the UN entities agreed to create an indigenous network of communicators and to implement a media monitoring system on the electoral cycle.