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9 facts about the upcoming Venezuelan Parliamentary elections

9 facts about the upcoming Venezuelan Parliamentary elections
November 05 2015, 21:19
  1. A total of 167 deputies will be elected on December 6, 2015.
  2. 164 deputies will be chosen at the state level while 3 additional deputies will be elected to represent Venezuela’s indigenous population.
  3. 1,799 candidates are competing in these elections.
  4. 19,504,106 voters are registered to participate.
  5. 40,528 electronic voting machines will be deployed across 14,566 polling stations.
  6. This same automated election system has been used in 13 national elections since 2004.
  7. 100% of the voters will be authenticated using a biometric system. This technology, implemented for the first time in 2012, helps authorities deter voter impersonation.
  8. According to the National Electoral Council, Venezuela’s election management body, the states with the largest number of representatives being elected are: Zulia (12), Miranda (7), Carabobo (5) and the Capital District (5).
  9. More than a dozen audits and tests of the source codes and other element of the automated platform are being conducted before political parties, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Image by tpsdave via Pixabay