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The Future of Elections

The Future of Elections
October 20 2016, 14:43

“The 21st Century is truly the golden age of technology. Humanity depends on technology for everything with one notable exception, voting. For more than two centuries democracies have relied on hand counted paper ballots and ballot boxes to conduct elections. Reluctance to invest in election technology often comes from unfounded misgivings about the reliability, accuracy and security of voting equipment, and sometimes from concerns about surmised high costs.”

With this words, election expert Richard Soudriette, begins the first of a series of essays recently published by the International Elections Advisory Council (IEAC). Soudriette is the Chairman of this Council which brings together an exclusive group of eminent global leaders with superlative knowledge and experience in the field of elections.

In The Future of Elections report the members of the IEAC offer a unique perspective on what it takes to run an effective election, they share thoughts on the global electoral landscape and give ideas on how to enfranchise more people. It is a must read for electoral management bodies and many others who work on the frontline of elections.

The seven essays included in the report are:

  1. Lessons Learned: Pioneering Digital Democracy Worldwide by Richard Soudriette, Founding President, International Foundation for Electoral Systems
  2. Digitising Democracy in Africa by Brigalia Bam, former Chairperson, Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa
  3. Boosting Voter Participation: The Indian Experience by Dr S Y Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner of India
  4. Bringing UK Elections up to Speed by Charles Lasham, former Chairman, Association of Election Administrators of the UK
  5. Towards Effective Elections in Nigeria by Professor Attahiru M Jega, former Chairman, Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission
  6. Electoral Technology and Democratic Challenges in Mexico and Latin America by Leonardo Valdes-Zurita, former President Councillor, Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico
  7. Enfranchising the Disenfranchised – the Case for Election Technology by Paul DeGregorio, former Chairman, US Election Assistance Commission

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